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This company is a scam, or they where for me, I heard of some guy who worked with them, and he gets castings in his e-mail, from them.When I signed up w.

them I sent my 25$ through pay pal, to them, then when I was suppose to be able to log in, it wouldn't let me even though I sent them the 25$. Then I e-mailed them asking what was going on, then Julian, Davids, nephew, or so he says, called me, saying the pay pal isn't working. So they didn't get my money, I was thinking really? Or maybe I sent in the check 1st, then I found it wasn't cashed, so I thought they didn't get it, then I did the pay pal I can't remember but they got 50$ of my money.

When Julian called me he told me about this other membership think that cost 75$ per person, to be put on the top of the list of contacts when castings come in. I said no I'm not going to buy it but he said that he would put me on it anyway since I paid 50$. Which they said they didn't get, but I showed them the check that was signed by DavidAC.com, from my back statement, so they did get my money. I wasn't able to log on to my account cause Julian said the special, account that cost more dosen't need a account.

Lies, lies, lies. This company is full of ***, Julian said he had like millions of dollars in his bank account, I don't think he does or he wouldn't be stealing money from people like me. Or maybe he does but it's all stolen. I hate companies like this who scam the little people.

Put these people out of business please. Once I asked for my refund, cause he didn't live up the any agreement, wow he stopped answering my phone calls, and text. Vanished into thin air, lets hope he fell off a cliff and broke his neck dieing instantly, the world would be a better place w.o, scumbags like this company. If this company would do this to me, I'm sure he would do it to you.

Don't spend your money on this company, you can contact me @ Merry.Whitney@yahoo.com.

Or search Merry Whitney online to see I am a real person, who is in the entertainment industry like you are who ever is reading this.I just really hate screwed up people n there r so many in this industry, maybe if more people speak out, we can out them out of business, or at least force them to get there *** together n stop stealing peoples money/scamming people.

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Having a great experience with the company, I am experienced actress and it's a pleasure to work with a company with actors who are actually working and getting paid.

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David An 915thony great guy....his worthless piece of *** nephew Julian is using his good name and robbing people.

Knowing David was a stand up guy I got doomed as he stole over $1000 from me claiming it was needed for whatever reason....membership fees, script fees, SAG.... ect. If anyone knows how or where I can find/contact this air thief please let me know so I can contact authorities!!

Jen P.915-920-9252

to Anonymous #1384891

I do

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Actually I have spoken to him and worked with him personally since this post.Yes his website is messed up.

Just go to Facebook.com and look him up he post castings on there when he has them. IDK why he doesn't get his website fixed. Since this is now up, now everyone should know not to pay on his website. I really wish he would fix it but maybe he's to busy.

I'm actually working with him this Sunday on a job and have worked with him on Last Vegas the film and he does pay his talent. He just never got around to fixing his website. IDK what else to tell you or say. I think he needs to fix his website so it doesn't rob people of there money but I don't think he's all that horrible of a guy.

Since when I worked with him I do get my pay. N that doesn't always happen. I just worked a hair show and I'm going threw *** to get my pay. They said I only worked 2 days when I worked 4.

so thats like half the money missing which is 100z.

it's apart of the business I guess.o-well.

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Hi My name is Deborah and I agree with you 100%!Casting agencies that charge money for YOU to be picked for casting is Bull____t!

I have worked for Julie Goldman and she is the absolute bomb! Of course I am only interested in being an extra, and I was cast in the movie coming out next year featuring Kevin James in " Mall Cop 2" . I worked two fifteen hour days, and pay was minimal of course, $ 70 for the first eight, and then over time I made close to 300 for two days. She does not charge a fee.

Also Bump It Casting is also a good company you can trust. I've worked on several occasions, and they pay cash on the spot. Only problem is that you have to wait until something comes up, and that is kind of frustrating, but thank goodness I have a real job to carry me through. I would certainly like to go all the way in this field to a PA assistant, or etc.

If you know of anything coming up, I'd appreciate a notice, and I will do the same! Good Luck !

and God Bless !Deborah

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Same problem just happened to me.I paid the $25 fee, it was deducted from my bank account, however I can't log in.

I called the number listed for their business and it goes directly to a cell phone automated voice mail and no return calls to me. I emailed and the email was returned to me as undeliverable. I facebook messaged them and no response. I sent a message through their website and no response.

Total scam!Stay away from this company


Everything seems on the up & up but I paid my money and nothing. Is there a problem they need to correct


It's happening again!!!!


I know David Anthony personally.He has worked on hundreds of movies.

He is an awesome guy.I will talk to him personally about this issue.

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